Best Tips for your Cleaning RV

Best Tips for your Cleaning RV

You can keep your cleaning RV by removing grime on a routine basis. Debris ruins the underbelly of an RV, insects decay surface paint, dirt and rocks scratch floors, and both leather and vinyl absorb grime and body oils that degrade those materials. Wipe down the shower or bathtub after each use to prevent hard water stains. Always refer to the RV owner’s manual for cleaning recommendations to avoid scratching surfaces or damaging fabric.

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Be sure that your RV is equipped with cleaning supplies such as microfiber cloths that prevent scratches and smudging, a dustpan and broom, cordless vacuum, wet and dry mop, squeegee with telescopic pole, pet hair remover if needed, step ladder, collapsible tub, and large garbage bags.

Wash the exterior portion of your RV’s starting at the top and going downwards so that the dirty water will not run over the areas already cleaned. Grained veneers must be washed from top to bottom and from side to side to prevent scratches and other damages.

The roof should be washed several times per year in order to remove grime and allow you to examine the seals. Be certain to wash the solar panels since the buildup of debris can hinder the sunlight’s absorption rate and decrease the panels’ effectiveness.

If you do not plan to utilize your RV for more than a week or you park it in storage, is it vital that you give your refrigerator and cabinets an adequate cleaning and search for any scattered morsels of food? It is wise to prop the refrigerator door open for ventilation if you are going to turn off its power.

RVs should be washed and waxed a minimum of once yearly as it safeguards the clear coat and maintains outer attractiveness. Clean and care for your hauling components by wiping them down after every journey using a grease rag. A water-soluble cleaner can assist with removing dirt and debris.

Inspect your RV’s metal surfaces for rust on occasion and attend to them as needed. After inspecting the undercarriage for rust, don’t forget to clean off any grime and debris.

Cleaning your RV awning is also important. Open the awning and brush on a combination of soap and water on both sides. Next, withdraw the awning for five minutes. Then, extend the awning and rinse off the two sides. Lastly, keep the awning outstretched until it is completely dry. If you have slide toppers, gently brush off any leaves or dirt with a broom. Toppers should be cleaned using the same method as the awning, except with the slides extended during the entire process.

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