RV Showers: A Few FAQ and Answers Regarding

RV Showers: A Few FAQ and Answers Regarding

December 10, 2022

One of the most popular amenities you’ll find in an RV is its showers. The travel and leisure business has come a long way in terms of providing nearly every luxury and convenience you have at home. Showers certainly fit the bill, especially after long days spent driving, hiking, and exercising.

We’d like to address some frequently asked questions regarding RV showers.

RV Showers: 8 FAQs

RV Showers

Do RVs Have Showers?

Yes, almost all but the smaller RV models (usually Class B Campers) have at least some bathroom/shower fixtures. If you buy one of our fifth wheels, travel trailers, or motorhomes, you can investigate all bathroom amenities before purchasing.

What Kind of Showers?

The shower size will probably be congruent with the size of the RV you purchase. Class A or Class C Motorhomes often have a bathroom in their master bedroom along with a smaller one in the living area. Teardrop trailers and small campers may not have a shower.

Are They Full Bathrooms?

The newer larger trailers have full bathrooms, whereas the smaller or mid-sized trailers may have what’s called a “wet bath.” Those include only the very basic fixtures; rarely more than a shower/toilet combo.

How Does an RV Shower System Work?

You usually need one of two things: 1) A hookup to a municipal water source, or 2) A built-in pressurized water source. The latter is pretty common nowadays, accompanied by its own plumbing system and all the requisite pumps to cycle water throughout the trailer.

Where Does the Water Go?

Most trailers have something called a gray water storage tank. This handles water from all your fixtures including sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers. Other trailers have black water storage tanks. Either way, remember that you must empty these periodically.

How Do You Get Hot Water?

RVs often contain some kind of hot water tank, typically around a six-gallon capacity. This is a great thing to have, but one that small doesn’t last as long as hot water inside your house.

How Long Can You Take a Shower?

If you use hot water, most manufacturers recommend limiting it to a quick shower of two or three minutes. Your RV does not likely possess the same kind of water heater as your home.

Can I Get Extended Showers?

We recommend a few ways to extend your hot water supply:

  • Consider installing water-saving showerheads.
  • Upgrade to a larger water heater.
  • Use two water heaters and consider making one of them tankless.

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